What is the relationship between thinking conceptually and developing a sociological imagination?

Thinking sociologically means to “broaden our horizons of understanding” by not being satisfied with “exclusivity and completeness” that goes along with individual interpretations (Bauman and May, 2001:181). So thinking sociologically is an invitation to be critical and observant but, as C. Wright Mills points out, social scientists also need to treat sociology as a “practice of a craft” (Mills, 2000:195).

Book review: Sandy Tolan (2008) “The Lemon Tree”

The story begins in 1967. The six-day war is just over and for the first time it is possible for Palestinian Arabs to travel to the lands which they had left in the war of 1948. Bashir, a young man in his mid-twenties, takes his chance to visit his native village Ramla with his cousins and eventually ends up ringing the doorbell of his birth place. There he meets young Dalia, who is at home over the summers from her studies and her training in the Israeli army. To Bashir’s surprise Dalia is welcoming him and his cousins and invites them in. The beginning of an unlikely friendship.