Here I stand. I cannot do otherwise.

Now it finally happened. I started a blog and I am building up my own web presence, because apparently that is what you do when you seek to be a successful future academic. And I definitely want to be that!

I plan to publish a CV and a short biography in due course, but for the moment let me introduce myself as a German who through the most unlikely of coincidences ended up in Scotland and made it her home. Back in Germany I used to work in retail management but eventually found that was not what I wanted to spend my life with. So after a period of reflection (or rather: a period of disorientation) during which I worked all kinds of rather meaningless jobs to keep myself afloat, I discovered that what I really wanted was to study. The run up to the referendum on Scottish Independence in 2014 made me discover my passion for politics and a very positive experience at the International Young Scotland program encouraged me to enrol in an access course at the University of Glasgow. I have not looked back since. It was a further lucky coincidence that I had one of the most engaged teachers in that course who prepared me and our whole class rather well for the challenges that university would hold. I am now entering the 3rd year of my undergraduate studies and I am determined to pursue a PhD later.

You will find that I have opinions and views on many things and I find it hard to restrict my interests to one or few areas only. Some call me a Jack of all Trades but I am not so sure that is meant as a praise when you consider the full saying (Jack of all Trades, master of none). However, to my delight, I have found one object of study that allows me to make a skill out of a struggle. To speak with Thomas Mann: “Everything is politics” – so that is what I study. My core interest is contemporary democracy and why it seems to be struggling so much, so chances are that you will read a lot about that here.

From the title of this blog post, a famous quote by Martin Luther during his appearance at the Imperial Diet in 1521, you might have guessed it already, I am also a practicing Christian and an active member of the Church of Scotland. Nevertheless, my views on Christianity and the church are as manifold as my views on politics and on occasion you will find that expressed here, too. I am a strong defender of any faith and of community, however, I also have plenty of issues with religion, as much too often it is more concerned about politics than about serving people.

So be my guest on my way towards a PhD (and potential insanity). I would also love to read your comments and thoughts, however, I reserve the right to block and delete any derogatory comments or comments which clearly have no other purpose than to troll me or other commentators. Let the journey begin!




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