Rebecca Gebauer is a political scientist based in Glasgow, UK. Her research focuses on Democratic Innovations and especially Deliberative Mini-Publics. She holds a MA in Politics with Quantitative Methods and a MRes in Political Communication from the University of Glasgow. Her interest in Democratic Innovation developed during her undergraduate years while studying under Dr Sergiu Gherghina. Currently, Rebecca is pursuing a PhD at the Universit├ę Catholique de Louvain which focuses on the internal and external dynamics of the worlds first and (at the time of writing) only mini-public, the permanent citizens dialogue in the German Speaking Community in East Belgium (Permanenter B├╝rgerdialog der Deutschsprachigen Gemeinschaft in Ostbelgien). She is supervised by Prof Min Reuchamps and Dr Vincent Jaquet.

Rebecca came to academia as a mature student via an access course. Before her academic endeavours, Rebecca had a career in Germany as a retail manager and a spell as a technical support agent in various settings in Glasgow. She is an avid campaigner for human rights and serves as a trustee for the charity Global Minorities Alliance. She is also an active member of the Church of Scotland and engages at a local and national level. Further, Rebecca is privileged to be an alumni of the OTI Initiative which explored conflict studies through experiential learning, including a unique fieldtrip to Israel and the Occupied Territories.

As you will note from her Twitter account, Rebecca has a weak spot for anything that has to do with lighthouses and normally plans her summer holidays around availability of lighthouses and cherries.

More information on Rebecca’s profile can be found in the CV section of this website.